Recent Before & After Photos

Home Kitchen Fire Oshkosh

This home fire started in the kitchen.  A stove burner was not completely shut off and it started a near by pizza box on fire. The extensive damage yo... READ MORE

Flood at Books-A-Million in Forest Mall

Portions of Forest Mall in Fond Du Lac flooded due to a broken water main.  The floor in the before picture is unrecognizable as it's covered in sludg... READ MORE

Home Cleaning

Regardless of whether you want a general spring cleaning, a deep cleaning to host a special event, or you have a true hoarding situation on your hands, our expe... READ MORE

Carpet Stained with Dirt & Feces

This was a particularly challenging home carpet clean.  This was a bedroom whose occupant required a medical bed.  While there was staining throughout... READ MORE

Home Fire in Appleton

This home fire started with a dehumidifier in the basement.  This bathroom in the home got an upgraded look as part of it's restoration. 

Mattress Cleaning

Over time mattresses collect dust, dust mites, skin, sweat and other allergens.  Regularly cleaning your mattress will prolong the life of your m... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning

Check out the difference our professionals made in this carpet!