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1/30/2018 (Permalink)

Did you know that mold reproduces by means of tiny, lightweight spores that travel through the air?  Mold spores can be compared to a mature dandelion that has gone to seed.  All you need to do is gently blow on a dandelion that has gone to seed, and the seeds go floating through the air looking for a new place to land and grow.  Mold spores act the same way.  That’s why a small mold problem in your home or business can easily turn into a large mold problem if not treated properly.  Our experts at SERVPRO of Appleton know how to treat your mold problem to prevent it from spreading.

The first thing we do before any work begins is to build what we call a containment.  This containment is a sealed off area around the mold problem built out of plastic.  It seals the area around the mold problem so that mold spores that are disturbed during the removal process are contained and do not travel to other areas of your home or business.

Mold spores in the air during the removal process are almost inevitable.  This means that we will also run a commercial air scrubber within the containment area during and after the removal process. An air scrubber is a portable filtration system that removes particles, gasses, and/or chemicals (including mold spores) from the air within a given area. 

Any building materials such as drywall, wood, or insulation, that has been affected by mold, and needs to be removed, is placed in a bag and sealed while still within the containment area before it is removed.  In addition, crew members working in the containment area are vacuumed with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum before exiting the containment area.  HEPA vacuums differ from conventional vacuums in that they contain filters that are capable of trapping extremely small, micron-sized particles. 

Keep in mind that many mold issues are uncovered during remodel or construction projects.  It’s not uncommon in these situations, for the contractor you’ve hired for the construction project, to attempt to mitigate the mold themselves.  This can be dangerous because they often don’t understand mold the way we do and don’t follow the necessary steps to prevent contaminating your whole home or business.  If you encounter mold during a construction project, stop work immediately and contact the experts at SERVPRO of Appleton for professional advice or assistance.  Our mold removal and mitigation process is so precise, that most of the hospitals and medical facilities in the Fox Valley use us when they have a mold issue.  And if they trust us with their mold issues, you can too. 

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