Water Damage Photo Gallery

Blocking of Furniture

In this picture you can see what we call "blocking".  We put the wood bar in this basement up on styrofoam blocks.  In a water damage situation it's important to get wood furniture, furniture legs, etc..up and off of any wet carpet or other surfaces.  The water or moisture can warp or damage the wood.  In addition, the stain on the wood can leach into the carpet and cause staining that would be difficult, or even impossible, for our carpet cleaning experts to remove.   


Any time there is water damage, humidity levels spike, especially when the drying process begins.  As air movers are placed, the moisture evaporating off wet materials (which the air movers help encourage) spikes the humidity in the room.  This moisture must be removed by a dehumidifier in order for proper drying to take place.  The dehumidifiers we use are not your average household dehumidifier.  The dehumidifiers we use in many situations, remove up to 30 gallons of water a day from the air, while using only 7.4 amps of electricity.  In addition, our dehumidifiers feature significant air filtration. This filtration dramatically improves the air quality in the areas being dried. 

This unit has been cleaned, its filter has been replaced, and a protective plastic has been placed on top to keep it clean until it goes out to the next job. 

Drying Wet Drywall

Not all wet drywall has to be removed and replaced.  Often we can dry it in place and save the customer a great deal of money.  Our professionals remove the baseboards and drill holes in the drywall behind the baseboard. Then we place low profile air movers in front of these holes to push air up behind the drywall through the holes.  Daily moisture checks are done with specialized meters to ensure proper drying.  Once completely dry, the baseboard is replaced and the holes are covered.  Here one of our professionals is using a moisture meter to check whether or not the drywall is completely dry at this hotel water loss.   

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey inflicted over $125 billion in damage, primarily due to flooding.  SERVPRO of Appleton was proud to send a crew down to Texas for a month, in September of 2017, to help with Hurricane Harvey disaster relief. It was so rewarding to help people restore their flooded homes.