Recent Before & After Photos

Cracked Toilet Causes Water Damage

While the owner of this fond du Lac home was temporarily residing in a rehabilitation this toilet cracked, causing water to leak throughout the main level and s... READ MORE


Hoarding was recognized as a distinct disorder for the first time in May of 2013 in the publication of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders... READ MORE

Ice Storm Water Damage

An ice storm caused extensive damage throughout this unoccupied home. While we always try to dry as much as we can in place, sometimes that’s not possibl... READ MORE

Burst Overhead Sprinkler Head

An overhead sprinkler caused extensive water damage to over 1,200 square feet in this Stevens Point church. A meeting room, which was over 800 square feet, req... READ MORE

Orange Juice Spill

This manufacturing plant called SERVPRO of Appleton to clean up their back lot after vats of orange sprung a leak due to freezing and thawing. Due to the acid... READ MORE

Factory Water Damage

A water main break caused sediment and water to flood this 100,000 square warehouse. The entire 100,000 square feet was covered in 1 inch of mud and 2 inches of... READ MORE

Tree on Roof

Last summer severe storms ripped through the valley. One of the biggest threats to your home or business from storms is high winds. High winds toppled a tree ... READ MORE

Frozen Pipes

This home on Green Lake experienced significant water damage in the basement from a frozen pipe that eventually burst. Since this is a seasonal home, and the o... READ MORE

Burst Pipe in Hotel

This hotel in Neenah experienced a burst pipe that flooded multiple conference rooms and public areas. Our crews were on site in an hour and began extracting w... READ MORE

Burst Hydronic Heat Pipe

This past winter we had storms that resulted in severe cold snaps. The cold snaps caused lots of burst water pipes. This home had a pipe in their hydronic heat... READ MORE